We’ve all had our experiences with unhappy customers – even more so if you’re the one-man or one-woman show of your own small business. 

Yet somehow, we always trip over our feet and get worked up when a complaint comes in. How should one actually go about dealing with angry customers?

There’s no perfect method, but they all share one thing in common…

Compassion. Your customer could be fuming with rage – but you should never get agitated in return. All they want is an acknowledgement that they’re being heard and a timely solution to their problem.

Needless to say, this can be quite subjective. If you have 10 team members in customer service, all 10 might interpret emotional nuances differently. 

The key is to opt for a more methodical approach – template letters!

Template letters are the most efficient way to standardise responses across the board. Analyse all the complaints you’re receiving and you’re likely to find that most of them can be categorised into a few of the same problems. 

Knowing this, you can create a template letter for each common problem. Your customer service personnel can then use them as a helpful baseline for responding to complaints of that nature (but not as a copy-and-paste response – don’t lose that human touch!).

How angry customers can be converted into raving fans

Of course, dealing with complaints from angry customers is a whole different ball game compared to changing their mind entirely about you.

But every time you face an unsatisfied customer, know that this is a precious opportunity for your business. It’s your chance to prove your exceptional customer service, that you truly care about your customers.

Here are three tips to convert even the worst complaints into a success story:

  • Respond ASAP
  • Remember to follow up even after their issue has been solved
  • Supply your customer service team with ample training

Investing in well-written template letters can save your business time and effort in handling customer complaints, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

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