A picture is worth a thousand words but you could be saying all the wrong words if you haven’t chosen the right picture. From some of the biggest brands to start-ups; businesses all Australia leverage stock photos for different marketing purposes. The reason is simple – images shout out for being more impactful than written content.

Why strong visuals matter 

Customers’ attention spans are constantly decreasing and as a result, long and detailed explanations are ineffective and inefficient. Science backs this up. According to a research report, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.   

A well-chosen image can enhance engagement, boost your social media footprint and drive traffic to your website.

What makes a good stock photo?

When you’re looking for the perfect stock photo, try and make sure the images: 

  1. Are clutter-free: Cluttered images can distract the viewer from the main focus. Look for images that stand out in the crowded marketing world.
  2. Have space for content: Look for an image that has an ample amount of space to add text and other information. For instance, if you want to use the image on Facebook try and choose one that has around 20 percent blank real estate.
  3. Meet your brand guidelines: Choosing an image whose colour scheme clashes with your brand’s colour isn’t a great idea. Instead, pick one that works well with your website to make it easy on the eye. 
  4. Is relatable: People relate to more natural images. An obviously photoshopped or unnatural image might come across as cheesy or unrealistic.   
  5. Are humourous: Humour connects people instantly and leaves a long-lasting impact on your audience. An element of humour will never harm your campaign and will help your small business stand out from its rivals.

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