Starting a business of your own is exciting, and one of the first marketing milestones you’ll cross is creating the face of your brand – a logo. 

We’ve mentioned this before, but every small business needs a great logo. It’s a visual representation of what your brand is and what it embodies. A scrappy logo means a scrappy business, while a put-together one shows a competent business. 

Whether you’re revamping an old logo or creating a new one, this is how to choose the right colour and font for your logo. 

All. The. Options. Where to start?

Step one: Think of your brand personality

What’s your brand personality? Fresh and energetic? Solemn and serious? Sophisticated and charming? 

Knowing your brand is the first and most important step. You might already have these written down in your company profile or brand identity documents. If not, set some time aside to ascertain your brand personality before aligning your colours and fonts.

Step two: Understand colour psychology

You’ve probably heard of this before. Different colours have different effects on people, and heavily influence the way they perceive your brand. For example:

  • Red is bold, exciting, ambitious. Think of…Red Bull, Lego, Nintendo.
  • Purple is creative, imaginative, original. Think of…Cadbury, Yahoo, Hallmark

Step three: Understand font psychology

The same goes for your choice of fonts. For instance:

  • Serif typefaces like Times New Roman are more traditional and common for print. In the digital world, however, they tend to be too messy for body text. 
  • Sans-serif typefaces like Calibri are neater and cleaner to look at. They make for good body text thanks to their readability. 
  • Script typefaces like Lobster have a lot of personality and can exude elegance or creativity. They’re more suitable for headings and logos instead of body text.

Too afraid to commit to choosing your own colour and font? You can always enlist the help of a professional to design your logo for you! Drop us a message at [email protected].