Customers tend to be loyal to brands they trust. If you can earn your customers’ trust, they’ll happily continue doing business with you. Here are four ways to build trust with your audience.

Brand consistency

Inconsistency kills trust. If a product is excellent one day and lousy the next, it won’t be long before customers stop buying it. Think of a brand like KFC. No matter which KFC outlet you visit in the world, the product is always consistent. Customers know what to expect and that’s what keeps them coming back. 

Create helpful content

Some small businesses underestimate the value of content. Others think that the goal of content is only to attract search engines. But content can also be leveraged to position your brand as an industry authority. 

Creating blog articles, ebooks, and white papers with educational content can boost your company’s credibility. When your content helps solve a customer’s problem or provides useful information, customers start to trust your company and feel more confident doing business with you. 

Listen to the customer

Unhappy customers are quick to move on, especially if their complaints are ignored. A study by Eptica Digital Trust found that a whopping 92% of customers say brands are not listening all of the time. To gain trust, answer queries and complaints quickly. Fifty-nine percent of the consumers surveyed said satisfactory, consistent, and fast answers make them trust a brand more.

Use customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective to build trust. This is called social proof and it works so well because people trust the reviews of others. Don’t be reluctant to ask customers for testimonials and include it on your website. Ratings and reviews on third-party sites like Yelp and Google reviews also carry a lot of weight with customers.  

One way to build and sustain trust in your brand is with consistent and high-quality content. Don’t have the time or writing skills to create quality content? Dump it on us. Contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected]