The success of your small business as a whole is dependent on every single person involved. 

Your sales team, however – are your front of house, the first point of contact your customers are likely to have with your business, and the face of your company.

Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, building a great sales team doesn’t have to wreck your budgets for the quarter.

Every business needs a great sales team, yours included

Sales teams aren’t just in charge of sales. Despite the name, their core functions extend much further than that. 

  • They’re the ones who build strong customer relationships
  • They make the difference between a happy customer and an unsatisfied one
  • They’re a valuable source for getting to know your customer base
  • They help build customer retention

Tight budget, high performing team

We get it, you’re a startup or a small business. You just don’t have the budget to hire employees who will be dedicated entirely to your sales. Here’s how you can build a strong sales team from the ground up even on a shoe-string budget.

  • Pay extra attention during the interview process: Unsurprisingly, the best employees with the best track records are also the most costly. When interviewing, pay attention for attributes such as a keenness to learn, independence, grit and determination. And if that means the fresh grad with zero experience, then take that chance!
  • Don’t limit yourself to full-time employees: Who said your sales team has to be in-house? Building your sales team remotely is a more than feasible option – and is often more cost-efficient. 
  • Invest in sales training: Hiring the cream of the crop is costly on a long-term basis, with a higher turnover rate too. Place more emphasis on the growth of your sales team both professionally and personally.

It’s not all sales, sales, sales though

Did you know that content marketing actually goes hand-in-hand with sales? When both these areas are perfectly aligned, your content marketing will ultimately drive sales and make the job of your sales team that much easier. 

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