Have you ever asked a friend if they’ve tried such-and-such restaurant or this-and-that business? It’s likely their answer will sway your decision to support or steer clear of that place.

Online reviews work the same way. People – real people – have tried and tested products and services, and they’re letting others know what they thought. 

Why are customer reviews and testimonials so important?

Your small business needs (good) customer reviews for 5 reasons: 

  1. Influence people’s decisions in your favour
  2. Strengthen your credibility
  3. Cause prospective customers to trust you
  4. Encourage interaction 
  5. Lead to greater profitability 

How can my small businesses get more reviews? 

Ask. It’s as simple as that.
Ask the people who have and do support you to leave a review and then make it easy for them to do so. Create a visible link on your social media pages or website that boldly encourages your customers to leave a review. 

Can I use my small business’ reviews in my content marketing? 

Yes. There are several ways you can use them. 

  1. Add a review section to your landing page and update it regularly. If your last review is five years old, people will assume you’ve gone out of business.
  2. Share your reviews as posts on social media. 
  3. Use the reviews in a celebratory blog post. Not blogging? Read this post about why you should be. 

What to do with bad reviews? 

You may be tempted to delete bad reviews (if you can) – after all, some people are just nasty. Most review platforms allow you to respond, in which case you can professionally defend yourself. This builds credibility. Not everyone is perfect, but how you deal with conflict says a lot about how you do business. 

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