Moving to a new city can be a daunting and expensive process whether you’re coming in from interstate or overseas. When it comes to finding a suitable rental home to live in, the dollars can soon add up. There’s the cost of accommodation and flights back and forth as inspect the various properties you might want to live in. But inspections can be cancelled at the last minute or a property leased before you even get your foot in the door. 

However, if you’re want to move to Melbourne you’re in luck! Jade Costello and Simone Flemming’s small business Melbourne Rental Search will make finding the perfect home and suburb to live in a simple and cost-effective process. Their team of superstar professionals shortlist suitable suburbs and properties for you. Then they’ll inspect any homes you like, sending you a video walk-through. Once you’ve found the perfect place, they are then on hand to assist with the application and any negotiations. 

With a 100 per cent success rate and multiple five-star Google and Facebook reviews, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn Melbourne Rental Search gets a lot of repeat and referral business. 

The Herald Sun gave them a boost of credibility

Jade and Simone’s biggest marketing success came shortly after they launched their small business. A Herald Sun journalist found their Instagram page and contacted them, interested to find out more. This lead to an article and podcast that gave their startup a huge boost of credibility when they were relatively unknown. They gained a number of new clients, as well as connections with property managers who were happy to send referrals their way. 

“It was the greatest success we have had with marketing and are yet to trump it,” Jade recalled. 

Since then the positive press has kept coming in, with feature articles in newspapers and magazines like the Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire and Domain. Alongside this, they’ve also been marketing their business using Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and YouTube. 

Their biggest marketing challenge

While they may be the experts in finding rental properties, Jade says they “simply don’t know where to start” when it comes to marketing. She says they’ve found it hard to know what content they should be publishing, which platforms they should use, and how often they should be doing it.