The rewards of an effective email marketing strategy can be massive. But where do you draw the line between staying active and engaging with your subscribers, and potentially driving them away by getting spammy? 

Finding the sweet spot 

Firstly, there’s no point comparing apples with oranges. If you work in an industry where changes happen rapidly and news comes thick and fast, (think something like crypto) trying to fit all your updates in a monthly newsletter probably isn’t going to cut it. 

Conversely, if your niche doesn’t generate earthshattering news stories often (think something like landscaping) mailing your readers every day is inappropriate. 

Most of all, your emails should be something your subscribers look forward to receiving. That means making sure they’re the first to know when something big happens, and not boring them with irrelevant stories. 

Remember, the number one reason people unsubscribe from mailing lists is receiving too many messages.    

But what if I have a lot to say?!  

If you post lots of fresh content on your site all the time, knowing what to include in your eblasts can be a challenge. Here are some potential solutions: 

  • Compile your top stories into a weekly summary. Just give readers a quick intro, and let them click through to the main story if they want to know more. 
  • Offer different subscription options. When they sign up, ask readers whether they’d prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter from you.
  • Point your biggest fans towards your social media. For those who really want as-it-happens updates, your social pages are the perfect place.   

Quantity over quality 

Most important of all, you should never send out an email blast just because you feel you should. Only do it when you actually have something to say. Bland, uninteresting, or poorly written posts will do nothing to elevate your brand, and may even have readers hitting the unsubscribe button.

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