Here’s an often parroted piece of advice you’ve probably come across before – the more content you churn out, the better.

But does maximum output really equal maximum results? If you’re a small business owner curious about how much content you should be producing on your site, you’d be glad to know the answer isn’t always more, more, more.

But first, take a look at how your website’s blogging frequency fares with some of the big names around:

So, what happens if I post too much content?

  • Hello quantity, goodbye quality

If someone told you to write one blog article per week, no problem right? You’d dive headfirst into producing high-quality stuff for your readers. But what if you were told to write 3 blog articles per day? With that much on your plate, you’d be scrambling to finish writing them at the pricey cost of quality.

  • You’ll get too “noisy”

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the more content you post, the better the response will be. Ultimately, Google, your readers and everyone else prioritises valuable content that stands out from the rest and is actually useful.

After all, the #1 reason why people unsubscribe from newsletters is because they receive too many emails.

You work hard to get your readers, make sure you work even harder to keep them.

What happens if I post too little content?

This should be rather self-explanatory. Posting content consistently is a core tenet of small business marketing.

By not posting enough, how will anyone be able to find you?

 Unless you’re publishing articles out of boredom, you’re going to want to reap 100% of the benefits you can get from posting them – benefits like driving traffic, sales and stronger brand presence.

You’re not the only website your readers are looking at, there are thousands of others. By consistently posting timely content, it’s less likely they’ll completely forget about you. Post content that they look forward to and they’ll upgrade to becoming raving fans.

The bottom line

Unless you’re receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site every day, there’s no need to post articles everyday.

As a general rule – the smaller your business, the less content you need to post. 2-4 times a week can suffice, but ensure that it’s valuable and be predictable with the frequency at which you post.

We know…producing content for your site can be such a drag. More important work awaits you, and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re based in Australia or not – outsource your content marketing to Hunter & Scribe at [email protected].