Ah, the question so many content marketers seek an answer to. The problem is, there isn’t one hard-and-fast rule. A 500-word post may perform just as well as a 1500-word article. It depends on a number of factors, like your audience, how relevant the topic is and how well written the piece is. 

Is there an ideal blog post length?

Long-form content is often touted as the holy grail of content marketing. Longer content generally contains more keywords, headings, images, and links. This increases the chance of search engines finding the content, making a better determination of what it is about, and ranking it higher. 

HubSpot analysed 50 of its best performing blog articles and found that they averaged 2330 words. A study by SerpIQ pegged the sweet spot at 2450 words. 

Clearly, long-form content works. But, that doesn’t mean short blogs don’t. Not everyone has time to wade through a 2500-word article. Short and sweet can be just as effective if it is high-quality content that meets the reader’s needs. According to Yoast, posts should not be shorter than 300 words. 

How to write blog articles of any length that gets attention

Writing good content comes down to a few basic principles. Get this right and your blog posts, no matter the length, should perform well.

  1. Write high-quality blog posts

We can’t stress this enough — produce good quality content. A short but superbly written blog is still better than a long badly written one. Don’t write content for search engines, write them for people. If an article is long but doesn’t offer value, few people will read it all the way through and they certainly won’t share it. 

  1. Make your content scannable

One of the reasons long-form content succeeds is because it contains more headings, visuals, sub-headings, bulleted lists, and pull-out quotes. Most people aren’t reading a lengthy post word-for-word. They’re scanning it and picking out the information most useful to them. If they find lots of useful information, they’re inclined to share it. 

  1. Create multimedia blog posts

We’re bombarded with content all the time and, with shortening attention spans, the easier content is to digest, the better. Photos, videos, infographics, slideshows, illustrations, charts and diagrams are easy to consume. They also attract more shares on social media.  

Counting words isn’t what blogging is about. What matters is offering your readers something of value that makes them want to read and engage with it. 

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