Tom Martin owns and runs Water Tight Canberra, a small business that provides award-winning residential and strata plumbing maintenance services. His friendly and knowledgable team are well known in the Canberra community for the quality of their work and their excellent customer service. 

From the get-go, Tom realised the importance of SEO in getting his business found online. As such, he took a keen interest in learning how to improve his search results before then doing the work himself. 

“The day we made page one on Google for ‘Plumber Canberra,’ I opened the best bottle of wine in the house to celebrate” he recalls. 

That was nearly seven years ago. Since then, Tom has made continuous improvements to his website’s SEO, likening it to compound interest.

“SEO is a slow and long term strategy that if done well, pays off in dividends,” he adds. 

Alongside this inhouse SEO, Tom also markets the business through:

  • Advertising on local Canberra website RiotACT
  • Facebook and social media  
  • Media Release 
  • Networking 
  • Awards and Promotions

A National Telstra Business Award winner

Tom’s biggest marketing success came in November 2019 when Water Tight Canberra won a prestigious National Telstra Business Award in the ‘Small and Succeeding’ category. This was an incredible honour as while over 20,000 businesses entered the competition, only four walked away with an award. 

“The whole experience was fun and educational. And the recognition and opportunities it has provided us with have been incredible,” Tom says. 

And that’s not the only award they’ve won. They are also the proud recipients of a 2018 Icon Water Community Excellence Award. This award is given to members of the ACT plumbing community who excel at doing the right thing for their customers.   

Missed opportunities

Tom wants to improve his marketing by tracking it more effectively so he can see what works and what doesn’t. While they do have some systems in place to do this, he admits that they only generate the required reports once or twice a year. He would love to see this automated so that he could view a monthly report. 

He also thinks that the business can sometimes miss the opportunity to engage with their existing customer base. In the future, he’d love to have a newsletter and other email marketing to help keep the business front of mind.