Why does graphic design matter? Why do small businesses need to invest in good graphic design? How is this going to help you in the long run?

Graphic design and a strong brand identity provide your small business with the look that it needs to make a strong impression. 

Good graphic design makes your clients remember your brand. It also provides consistency through all your products and services.

A lot of small business owners neglect graphic design, because it doesn’t seem relevant to their day-to-day activities. The result is often a substandard brand.

By contrast, small businesses that do invest in quality graphic design manage to differentiate themselves from their competition.

By the way, graphic design doesn’t just mean a logo. A logo is a good start, but a small business needs a full brand identity for all its marketing, including:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Invoices
  • Social media pages
  • Email signatures
  • Web banners

Everything needs to tell a story about your brand – and that story needs to be professional, attractive and consistent.

Design is a reflection of everything that you do and the quality of the product that you have. That’s why good design helps turn enquiries into sales.

Think about every interaction that someone has with your brand before they become a customer. They might first receive one of your flyers; then they might visit your website; then they might look at one of your social media pages. 

On every step of the journey, they’re discovering your brand. If they like what they see, they might then take the next step of spending money with your small business.

If you don’t have the time and expertise to do your own graphic design, you can offload your design work to an expert agency like Hunter & Scribe. Contact us at [email protected].