We live in a highly visual age, evidenced by the rise of video and the ever-increasing popularity of platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. With so much content out there, busy internet users have become accustomed to skimming through material at lightning speed, and grabbing their attention is not easy!

This is one of the reasons your small business’ aesthetics and branding need to be on point. You may not get a second chance to impress. Read on to find out how.   

The reasons why branding is important for a small business

You probably put a lot of effort into the textual content that you put out on your website, in email marketing campaigns, and on your social media. And don’t get us wrong here – the quality of your written content is extremely important, both for users and for search engines. 

But if your graphic design is bland, messy, disappointing, or disjointed, website visitors may not stick around long enough to read it. 

On the flipside, a cohesive, professional, target-market-appropriate look and feel across all the content you put out there is an instant indicator that you deserve to be taken seriously. 

Just as you wouldn’t want to invest your money at a bank with crumbling, messy office space – your potential customers won’t trust the quality of your service if your graphic design is shoddy. 

How good graphic design helps a small business build its brand

  • First impressions count: Good graphic design lets your brand put its best foot forward, straight out the gate. 
  • Build brand recognition: An appropriate, modern-looking logo and cohesive colour and font palette allows potential customers to become familiar with your brand effortlessly. 
  • Engage your target audience: If your market is young, speak to them with fresh, vibrant graphic design that demonstrates you ‘get’ them. If they’re older or you’re in a highly specialised field like medicine or finance, use sophisticated graphic design elements to show you’re professional and trustworthy.
  • Stand out: Let your uniqueness and brand identity shine through with exceptional graphic design that differentiates you from your competitors. 

What to consider when deciding on your brand’s ‘look’

Creating a style guide is an excellent first step when giving your branding an overhaul. This ensures consistency, and makes life simpler for your web designer too. 

Consider all the following graphic design elements:

  • Core colour palette 
  • Fonts and typography 
  • Bold or simple? 
  • Logo: size, when/where it should be used and how 
  • Imagery / photographs / graphics – how can you keep a consistent theme and feel? 

Want some help? 

Hunter & Scribe aims to be your one-stop-shop for small business marketing in Australia – and that includes access to our uber-talented graphic design team. If you want assistance with any of the aspects we’ve discussed here, we’d love to hear from you!