Because your social media platforms aren’t hosted on your website, a lot of small businesses assume they don’t have any effect on your SEO, and should simply be treated as a separate marketing channel.

We take a look at why that’s not necessarily true, how social media and SEO can complement each other, and ultimately help you grow traffic and sales!  

How posting on social media can impact your SEO 

Imagine two pieces of virtually identical web content which provide about the same amount of value to a reader. One is sitting all on its lonesome on its webpage, while the other’s been widely shared and reshared by real people on a couple of different social media platforms. 

Which do you think is going to rank higher? It’s often stated that while social media might not have a direct impact on your SEO ranking, in this manner it definitely has an indirect one. Google hasn’t openly come out and said so, at least yet, but Bing freely admits they use social signals as a key ranking factor.

Social media as a traffic source   

In addition, sharing great content on your social platforms which drives new traffic to your website definitely does have a direct impact on your SEO ranking. That’s because search engines also consider factors like how much time a user spends on the page, and how much they engage with your website in general as good indicators of its usefulness. 

Social media is a great place for people to find your content and visit your site as a result. And because the people who actually click through to your content through a link on social media have done so because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say, chances are they’ll spend a decent amount of time engaging with your site – feeding some positive signals back to search engines in the process.      

What are the best social media platforms for improving SEO?

One of the biggest social media mistakes we see small businesses in Australia make is trying to have a social presence on virtually every platform out there. Not only does this become incredibly time-consuming, but it also rarely makes much sense. 

The best social media platforms for improving SEO are the ones your ideal customers engage with the most. 

If 90% of your target market spends 90% of their social media time on Instagram, there’s not much point fleshing out an in-depth LinkedIn strategy. By all means have a presence there, but focus your efforts on the channels your audience actually uses, and which fit your business model and the kinds of content you produce.    

How small businesses can use social media to boost their SEO

Convinced? Here’s how to put social media into action

  • The Golden Rule: post quality, useful content. This encourages engagement and sharing, and helps you grow your followers. 
  • Optimize all your social profiles. How easy is it for potential new followers to see what you’re all about and find their way to your homepage? 
  • Make sharing easy. Written a great blog post? Make sure it’s easy for readers to share the word with one click of a social sharing button. 
  • Keep it relevant. Hot topic you’ve got a take on and which relates to your industry? Take advantage! 
  • Engage, engage, engage. Start conversations, ask questions, encourage feedback, and make it clear you care about what your followers think. Make it about them, not you.    

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