Today, small businesses must have an online presence, whether they are offering accounting services or zebra crossing sign installations.

Since websites are crucial to businesses, hiring a good web designer or developer to produce an attractive, easy to navigate, efficient site is imperative. With that in mind, here are some decisive questions you can use when interviewing any prospective candidates. 

  • Do you have a portfolio? – Most website designers/developers have a significant portfolio of past projects to share with potential clients. Feel free to ask questions about their design process, cost and timelines.
  • What are your fees (hourly or per project)? 
    • Will you submit a quote with these services? 
      • Mockups
      • Domain Registration
      • Web Hosting
      • Premium Plugins
      • Stock Images
  • What other services apart from web design do you offer? – Knowledge of SEO and strategic marketing is a sign that the designer/developer knows how to build a high-performing website.
  • How many landing pages will the website need to have? – Apart from the basic, HOMEPAGE, ABOUT US, SERVICES, and CONTACT, your company may need additional pages. Ask if there is an added cost to any extra landing pages. 
  • What do you need from me to begin the project? – i.e. logo, images, text, ads, etc.
  • Will the website also be mobile-friendly? – Mobile design is not just a smaller version of a desktop site since it needs to be responsive to all screen sizes. 
  • For re-designed websites: Will there be downtime during the transition from an old website to a new one? – No one likes websites to be down.

If you’re wondering where to even begin looking for a designer/developer for your website, then look no more. Small businesses can outsource their website design and development to Hunter & Scribe. Send us an email on [email protected]