Melbourne small business will&jac Wedding Planners makes couples’ dreams come true. 

One reason for the success of will&jac is its co-directors, Catherine Williams and Clare Jacobsen. They’re highly capable and hands-on hospitality professionals who place a strong emphasis on customer experience and ensuring clients’ wishes are exceeded at every turn. 

Their job, explains Catherine, is to provide peace of mind, industry expertise and guidance at all stages of the wedding planning process. 

It’s obvious, just from looking at will&jac’s stunning WordPress website, that this small business understands the importance of digital marketing. 

Other marketing channels include blogs, editorial pieces for industry publications, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Google ads, Facebook ads, real wedding features and Google reviews. 

Happy customers sing will&jac’s praises 

Google reviews are will&jac’s most successful type of marketing, according to Catherine. 

“We place a strong presence on this feedback from our couples as this allows for real life encounters as to how we were able to provide a seamless, stress-free and enjoyable planning process,” she says. 

“Weddings are a multi-faceted occasion with plenty of unknowns, and couples aren’t meant to know all of the answers – that’s where we come in. 

“Our services are able to guide and support clients from their initial engagement (finding their ideal venue), through to when it all becomes too much, on the day and throughout the entire journey, when balancing work and life and the fulltime hours associated with planning are not possible.” 

Case studies provide valuable marketing opportunities 

Catherine says will&jac has also achieved great marketing success with its real wedding features. 

These features, which are covered by numerous industry platforms, allow will&jac to do two different types of content marketing: 

  • Visual marketing – photos of venues and styling elements
  • Written marketing – testimonials from couples about how will&jac made their dreams come true

Wedding planners don’t have repeat customers

Every small business deals with marketing challenges – but will&jac has one that very few small businesses have to face. 

“Our business is unusual in that we do not have repeat customers; we cannot rely on our couples needing us again in the future,” Catherine says. 

“We need to ensure that our services speak loudly enough that they spruik our available options to other couples when the opportunity arrives.” 

Catherine says will&jac also realises the importance of maintaining a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram. 

“This is where a lot of couples gain inspiration for their wedding and, in turn, see that we are a company that is busy, able to be flexible and accommodate different looks and styles, and that our couples are all smiles after celebrating with will&jac.”