Graphic design plays a vital role in establishing the brand identity of any small business, whether in the form of a logo, flyer, business card or banner.

Large companies usually recruit professional graphic designers, but small businesses tend to choose between dumping the task on an existing staff member or outsourcing it to a professional agency.

If you’ve been lumped with doing the graphic design for your small business, and want to use software that’s both free and simple, you might want to try Microsoft Word.


You can insert pictures that you have saved in your computer – just head to the Insert tab and click Pictures.

Clip art

Microsoft Word contains a gallery of clip art – just click Insert and then Clip Art. You can find more clip art at the Microsoft website.


Microsoft Word comes with a variety of shapes, lines, arrows and more that can be drawn in your document. Click Insert and then Shapes.


SmartArt can also be accessed via the Insert tab. Choose your style and then customise the graphic design to meet your needs. You can do things like add shapes, adjust the layout, change colours and more. You can also use the options on the Format tab to change the formatting of the shapes.


Symbols can also be inserted into your documents. Click Insert and then Symbol. You can adjust formatting with the Font group on the Home tab.


When a graphic is selected, additional picture tools will become available.

  • You can use the Compress Pictures feature to decrease your document size.
  • The Picture Styles group can be used to improve your graphic.
  • You can use the Arrange group to place graphics in precise points in your document. You can also choose options such as layering the graphic or wrapping it around text.
  • The options available in the Size group allow you to crop graphics, and choose their width and height.

Microsoft Word’s graphic tools are very limited, but if you’re looking for a simple way to create graphics for your small business, it can be very helpful even with only little knowledge on graphic design.

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