The treasurer says he wants small businesses to “stay competitive, keep investing and continue to hire more workers”.

The federal government has allocated $6.4 million in funding to help Tasmanian small businesses with “red tape reduction”.

“This new $6.4 million investment will allow small businesses like cafes, builders and retailers to spend less time and money on regulatory burdens, and more time and money on doing business,” according to the treasurer, Josh Frydenberg.

The government funding will help finance a range of projects, including:

  • Bushfire mapping tools
  • Water and sewerage spatial data
  • Licence verification automation for builders
  • One-stop portal for hospitality and tourism

Tasmanian small businesses will be given access to online mapping of bushfire risks to help them better manage risks. “This will reduce costs as they put in place effective mitigation measures,” according to Mr Frydenberg.

Small businesses undertaking development projects will have access to improved spatial data, to identify water infrastructure on their land without having to hire a ground-surveying consultant.

Small businesses in the building sector will receive a new automated online portal, ensuring they no longer need to manually verify their employees’ and contractors’ building licences for each project.

For small businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors, the existing Planning and Building portal will be expanded to allow businesses to apply online for all environmental, heritage and food safety permits in one place.

“Our plan recognises that the private sector employs nine out of every 10 workers and is focused on making sure that businesses stay competitive, keep investing and continue to hire more workers,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“New businesses will be able to start sooner and existing businesses will be able to grow faster, which will ultimately create jobs, to boost productivity and further strengthen Tasmania’s economy.”