If you’re writing a blog to interact with your readers, it may be disheartening if nobody comments on your posts. And you won’t know if anyone is reading your blogs or newsletters.

A solution is to encourage readers to interact with your content, so you know they’re reading it. 

Here are four ways to get more reader participation.

1. Ask a question

Ask your readers how they feel about the topic you posted about. Take this blog, for example: do you think the advice is useful or vague? This type of question has two advantages: it gives people the chance to share an opinion and do so with just a one-word answer. 

2. Offer to answer a question

Although you should answer all the questions, if you’re a professional you may be inundated with people asking for free advice. So offer to answer one question per week from the comment section that relates to your area of expertise or to the post. This free advice will encourage questions and it may increase your traffic if other people search for answers to that question. 

3. Conduct a survey

A fun way to get people to interact with your posts or newsletters is to include a short survey. You can either use software that shows the results immediately or include the results in your next newsletter or post.

4. Ask readers to complete a list 

Ask your readers to help you complete a list by typing suggestions in the comments. For example, we could change this topic to five ways to get more comments and ask readers to provide the fifth way in the comment section. 

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