Technology has revolutionised the way we do business. Tasks that took hours to complete 20 years ago can now be done in minutes. If you’re still clinging to outdated systems, it’s time to take out the old and bring in the new. Here are 4 pieces of tech to embrace that can make your business more efficient and increase revenue.

Automated systems

Automated systems help you work smarter, not harder. Modern HR systems make onboarding and payroll processes a breeze. Accounting software can automate invoicing, perform tax calculations, and provide accurate reports. Marketing automation can capture leads, send automated emails, and track metrics. Why slog away manually, when you can have it done automatically?

Online shopping

Australia’s e-commerce industry is booming. According to WebAlive, 8 out of 10 Australians shop online. $28.6 billion was spent on online shopping in 2018 and this number is predicted to increase to $35.2 billion by 2021. The sooner you develop a mobile app that allows your customers to shop online, the sooner you’ll enjoy higher turnover.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing brought convenience and improved data security to the business world. Cloud computing uses the internet, rather than a local hard drive or server to store data. When your PC’s hard drive crashes, valuable documents are often lost. Cloud computing eliminates that problem. Using cloud software, like Google Docs, means multiple staff members can have access to and work on a document, from anywhere in the world. 

CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software streamlines the sales process, from prospecting leads to closing a sale. Sales representatives can easily see where a prospective customer is in the sales pipeline and take action to move them closer towards a sale. By analysing customer information, a CRM system also helps the sales rep spot opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. CRM systems can increase conversions by up to 30%.

Thanks to technology, the ways we work have become more efficient. Small businesses are competing against big companies with sophisticated systems. To survive, you’ll have to adapt the way you work by adopting new technology.

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