When you upload your app to any of the app stores, you’ll create a store listing page with videos, screenshots and descriptions. 

The information on this page must be compelling and informative to persuade users to click the install button. 

So here are five ways you can make the app descriptions more persuasive:

1. Write an enticing short description

A short description can be published on a summary page or in search results. So describe your app in a way that makes it sound exciting to entice users to click on the link.

2. Put the most important information first

Some stores will only show the first few sentences of the full description unless viewers click a link to read more. 

So it’s important to describe the app and reason for installing it in the first few sentences. This introduction should persuade someone to install the app even if they don’t read the rest of the description – because many of them won’t.

3. Be brief

Summarise the essential features of your app. Try to give all the relevant information in as few words as possible. The stores may allow lengthy descriptions, but few people, if any, are going to read them. 

4. Use bullet points

Reading a bulleted list is much easier than reading a lengthy paragraph of information. So group the information into several bulleted lists, rather than paragraphs, and keep your sentences short and simple.

5. Explain why your app is different

Emphasise the key features that make your app different so users know why they should install your app and not someone else’s.

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