If your small business is hosting an event, has won an accolade or has done something important then a great way to advertise that is to write a media release and send it to a newspaper or magazine.

But these publications often receive more media releases than they can publish, so it’s important to make yours stand out.

Here are five tips on how to increase the chances that your media release will be read and published.

1. Make sure the topic is newsworthy

The information must be newsworthy and relevant to the target market of the publication you’re sending it to.

2. Include a strong headline

The headline must be descriptive enough that someone will know what the media release is about but also enticing enough that they’ll want to read it. 

3. Place the information in order of importance

Your first paragraph is the most important. If it isn’t interesting enough, then the rest of the media release might not be read. So first mention the news, then information that is vital, and leave the background information to last.

4. Be concise

Convey the facts in as few words as possible. If you have a lot of information, then include a link to a website rather than writing a lengthy media release.

5. Present the information objectively

A media release should be like a newspaper article – just the facts. But you can include opinions in quotes. So instead of saying your product will change people’s lives, include a quote from a customer stating: “I used this product, and it changed my life.”

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