Small businesses should now find it easier to deal with the Fair Work Commission.

Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal is changing the way it approves enterprise agreements.

The Fair Work Commission is amending its listing process and website updates to make the way it does business “more transparent, efficient and user-focused”.

Under the new listing process rules, all nominated bargaining representatives will now be sent a confirmation email when an application has been lodged.

Parties will be notified that they have seven business days from the date of lodgment to make any submissions or objections in relation to the application.

If no submissions or objections are received within seven business days of an application being made, the Fair Work Commission may determine whether the agreement can be approved based solely on materials lodged with the application.

Under the new website update rules, the Fair Work Commission will no longer send out notices of listing for agreement approval applications.

Instead, the ‘Agreements in progress’ page of the Fair Work Commission website will be the central location for finding information about applications for enterprise agreement approvals.

As part of this change, the search function on the ‘Agreements in progress’ page will now give parties easier access to public information about ongoing applications.