Instagram and Facebook may get more attention, but there’s one underrated social media channel that can also drive traffic to your website and boost conversions — Pinterest.

Pinterest is another image-driven social media platform. Think of a pinboard that you pin notes and pictures on. That’s kind of how Pinterest works. You can set up different boards to “pin” pictures on. Each board can represent a different product or area of your business, for example.

How Pinterest can benefit your small business

Pinterest has 442 million users! Yet, it is often overlooked in many business’s marketing strategies. Here’s how Pinterest can benefit your small business.

Reach people with an interest in what you sell

On most other social media platforms, it takes a bit of work to find your audience. It’s a little easier on Pinterest because the platform is driven by what people are interested in, hence the name “Pinterest”. 

Once they discover your brand and are interested in what you sell, they’ll be more inclined to buy it. According to Pinterest, 89% of their users say they use Pinterest for purchase inspiration. 

Drive traffic to your website or blog

Humans are visual creatures. We are drawn to visuals more than text. How many times have you looked at the images Google brings up in a search and clicked on them? Imagine how much extra traffic your website may receive from people who find your site via a Pinterest image.

It’s also an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog — simply pin the images from blog posts and add the link to articles. This works well with “how to” articles which compel the person to click through to the article to learn more.

Pinterest users love to share

Engagement levels are high on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is driven by what people are interested in, they enjoy browsing, liking, commenting, and sharing what they find with others and repinning it on their own boards. Avid Pinteresters who find content they like are also more likely to pin it to their boards.

Using Pinterest to market your small business

To market your small business on Pinterest, create good quality images, post often and use rich pins. Rich pins like product pins include price, product information and can link to your ecommerce store. Article pins for blog posts include title, article description, and author name.

Pinterest needs strong visuals. If you don’t have a creative eye, we recommend hiring a pro to design images. Hunter & Scribe can design all your social media graphics. Contact us at [email protected].