A logo isn’t just something to be placed on your website, onto your products or at the end of your email signature. 

It’s one of the first things any customer or potential customer will see. Without reading your business’s name, without knowing what your business does – a potential customer should be able to gauge your services (or at least, the general scope of it) based off your logo. 

After getting to know your business, the logo will fit beautifully in place and will always be synonymous with the essence of your brand.

Your logo doesn’t have to be set in stone

For small business owners who’ve gone through the process of creating a logo, you may feel like your logo was one of the first huge marketing commitments you made. 

You can’t just change a logo, right? It’s what your customers recognise you for! 

Let us change your mind. Just look at the image above showing the evolution of McDonald’s logo over the years. 

A little refinement of your logo can serve to:

  • Signify the modernity of your forward-thinking brand
  • Better reflect an improved brand mission and values
  • Stay competitive and up-to-date
  • Let your customers know that your business is actively trying to improve 

A complete makeover may not suit larger businesses who have been in action for years. Often though, a logo can benefit from small upgrades – simplification of the logo to look more minimalist, a colour change, some added shading etc.

5 signs it may be time for a logo makeover

  • Your core business and brand values have changed
  • Your logo looks outdated compared to your competitors
  • You haven’t changed your logo in years 
  • Your logo wasn’t designed professionally (no shame there, we all started off on a small budget!
  • Your business seems stagnant, and customers aren’t resonating with your brand like they used to 

The ROI of getting your logo professionally designed or updated is always worth it, especially when it’s literally the face of your brand. Get your graphic design needs done by Hunter & Scribe! Just drop us an email at [email protected]