Want to get people to take action? Mail them attention-grabbing flyers.

When you deliver the right flyer to the right person at the right time, it can have a big marketing impact.

What’s the right flyer? It’s one that has been designed and written by professionals, so the flyer looks good and reads well.

Who’s the right person? It’s someone who needs the products and services mentioned in your flyer, so they’ll read it with interest.

When’s the right time? It’s when the recipient is in a buying mood, so there’s a good chance they’ll respond to your call-to-action.

The big objection people have to flyers is that no one does them anymore. But that’s what makes them so effective!

Before the internet, people would return home to find their letterbox full of flyers, which made it hard for small businesses to get people to notice their flyer. Now, though, the letterbox has never been emptier, which means it’s never been easier to get people to notice your flyer.

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