Want to make a big impression? Plaster your marketing over a big banner.

If you’ve got a big empty space, why not fill it with a big banner? After all, if people are going to be looking at something, it might as well be your marketing.

You can hang big banners on walls. You can hang big banners on fences. You can even hang big banners in the air.

That’s what makes big banners such a great marketing tool – oh, and the fact they’re big.

As you know, the more times you promote your brand and your products to your customers, the more sales you make.

If you hang a big banner in a conspicuous space, customers won’t be able to ignore your marketing.

Big banners work best when they combine strong imagery with attractive colours. You also need some text – but don’t make the mistake of including too much. Less is more, because customers need to be able to absorb your message in less than two seconds.

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