Want to stay front-of-mind with your database? Send them regular email newsletters.

The more often your customers think of you, the more often they’ll buy from you. And the more often your newsletters land in their inbox, the more often they’ll think of you.

Your rivals are sending newsletters to your customers. So shouldn’t you?

A good company newsletter ticks three boxes:

  • Enticing subject line
  • Attractive email template
  • Interesting content

Don’t make the mistake of using ‘Monthly newsletter’ or ‘Latest news’ or something similar as your subject line, because your customers will delete the newsletter without opening it. Instead, use something enticing like ‘Five ways to save money on your taxes this year’ or ‘Stop putting your family’s lives in danger’.

Once they click on your newsletter, you want to make sure you retain their attention. That’s why you need to use a well-designed, visually appealing email template.

Of course, there’s no point getting your customers’ attention if they don’t click on the blogs embedded inside your newsletter. That’s why you need to make sure the content is interesting and relevant.

A good company newsletter is a powerful marketing tool.

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