Want free media coverage for your small business? Send media releases to newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Free media coverage is a tremendous form of social proof, because it tells potential customers that your small business is a trusted industry expert. Otherwise, why else would the media have covered your business?

That’s why smart small businesses chase free media coverage.

If you want free media coverage, you need to send to send media releases to media outlets. These media releases need to tick three boxes:

  • They must be aimed at the publication’s target market (not be one-size-fits-all)
  • They must contain newsworthy information (not corporate propaganda)
  • They must be well-written (not poorly structured)

Unfortunately, even when you tick all three boxes, it’s still unlikely your media release will get published. That’s because media outlets get lots of media releases. So if your small business wants free media coverage, it needs to tick a fourth box – be persistent.

The more targeted, newsworthy, well-written media releases you send out, the more likely you will be to eventually win free media coverage.

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