Want to impress potential customers? Let them download high-quality ebooks from your website.

Ebooks are a really effective way to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Small businesses generally use ebooks as lead magnets. The idea is that you put the ebooks on your website and let customers download them for free in exchange for their contact details. You then follow up, either with a phone call or an automated email series.

Your ebooks should also include calls-to-action, so customers are prompted to take action even if they miss or dodge your follow-up communications.

There’s another way to use ebooks, which not many small businesses know about.

You don’t just publish them on your website; you also proactively send them to potential customers.

Imagine you run a financial planning business. And imagine you get an email from someone who’s thinking about becoming a client. When you reply to their email, you could attach an ebook – How to Save Enough Money for Retirement, for example, or The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Investing.

What a brilliant way to build trust and credibility.

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