Some small businesses throw content out in much the same way as tossing spaghetti at a wall. They pray something sticks. Despite content marketing being around for some time now, many still get wrong. 

The internet is littered with content. To stand out in the crowd you need a well-thought-out and creative content marketing strategy. We picked three examples of companies that have nailed it. 

1. Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling and monitoring app. Right from the start, they invested heavily in guest blogging on high-value sites and that kickstarted their growth. 

They also created the Open Blog in which they shared their own strategies, successes, and failures so that others could learn from their experiences. This level of transparency created trust with consumers. Today, 75,000 companies use the Buffer app, they have more 100,000 blog readers, and 1.2 million followers on social media.

2.  Hubspot

Hubspot is a highly recognisable name in digital marketing and was the first to coin the phrase inbound marketing. Most digital marketers know of Hubspot and trust their content advice.

Hubspot’s content strategy focuses strongly on in-depth resources like e-books, white papers, guides, industry reports, and epic long-form blog posts. They take time to create content of value that readers can learn from. As a result, they’ve cemented their reputation as a leader in digital marketing.

3.  Zomata

Zomata is a restaurant finder and food review app that started in India and expanded globally. Zomata takes a refreshingly creative and humorous approach in its content marketing. Being a food review app, visual content is a big part of their strategy. 

They’re also quick to pick up on what’s trending and create clever ads around it. For example, they ran a series of ad campaigns that spoof TV shows like “Game of Cones”, “South Pork”, and “Desperate Houseknives”. 

Get your content marketing right

Content creation isn’t easy for small businesses with limited manpower. A survey done by the Content Marketing Institute showed that 42% of Australian companies have a small team or just one person managing their content marketing. That’s why many choose to outsource their content creation. 

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