Email marketing can be a really effective way of attracting the attention of potential and existing customers. It’s a low-cost way of reaching people somewhere where they visit every day – their inbox. When it’s done well it can deliver a great return on investment, driving traffic to your website, generating leads and increasing sales. However, when it’s done badly the only numbers you’ll see an increase on are ‘unsubscribe’ clicks.   

So what are the most common email marketing fails, and how do you fix them? 

A lack of personalisation 

Are you trying to appeal to all of your customer base with one email? Then stop it right now. No one likes receiving content that’s not relevant to them or their interests. Break down your email list into different segments, then write each group different content that’s tailored to their needs.  

Sending too many emails 

No one likes spam, so don’t bombard your mailing list with several messages a day. You want your customers to be happy when they receive your emails, not frustrated so try and find an appropriate frequency whether that’s once a day or once a week. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask your customers for their preferences when they first sign up.

Not including a call to action (CTA) 

Every marketing message your small business puts out needs to include a CTA. A CTA tells the audience what they should do next, whether that’s ‘read more’ ‘book an appointment’ or ‘buy now’. If you don’t include a CTA then how do you expect your customers to do what you want them to do when they’ve received your email?

Including too many CTAs

Don’t go overboard and include too many CTAs in your email, as that just overwhelms and confuses the reader. As a general rule of thumb, use one CTA for one marketing message. 

Grammar mistakes and typos 

What’s the easiest way of making a bad impression on potential and existing customers? Sending emails that are littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes. It just screams unprofessional. Check, double-check and triple-check your emails before hitting send. 

Email marketing is a great way of reaching your small business’ customers. But, if you’re struggling to write great emails and newsletters, dump your problem on us! Contact us at [email protected]