Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy is using quality service and quality marketing to grow its business.

Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy delivers rehabilitation services for athletic injuries, painful problems and complex, persistent pain – an offering that differentiates it from its rivals.

“We are the only clinic in our area with physios who are also qualified strength and conditioning coaches,” explains owner David Renfrew.

“We use one-on-one rehab sessions in our two gyms to guide people to a higher level of physical capacity and quality of life than they have previously experienced.”

Clinic invests in many different types of marketing

Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy does a wide range of marketing.

It invests in print marketing, in the form of booklets and banners.

It does social media marketing through Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

This regional small business also invests in content marketing, such as blogs, newsletters, ebooks and podcasts.

Digital marketing is another focus – that involves banner ads, Facebook ads and Google ads.

Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy also generates business through face-to-face marketing, including networking events, seminars and referral networks.

ACL marketing campaign paying dividends

So what works best? David says it’s social media activity, Google advertising and ongoing communication with clients and referrers.

“We have had particular success with our social media campaign with anterior cruciate ligament injury rehabilitation,” he says.

“It’s a big injury, with extensive rehab, that is not usually done very well, and something we focus on. 

“We have a multifaceted approach, with a series of blogs, a landing page, organic content and paid social media advertising. 

“We then make sure we are communicating regularly with relevant doctors and surgeons with the clients we are working with.”

More consistent marketing might bring even better results

David says the biggest marketing challenge for Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy – as with most small businesses – is to attract new clients.

“We have seen this improve significantly since we have enlisted the help of Clinical Marketing, a dedicated health clinic digital marketing agency. They concentrate on new clients for us and we do the rest,” he says.

Even though Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy is clearly very good at marketing, David believes there’s room for improvement.

“Probably just be more consistent with it. Realise that marketing is a long-term investment into the future of the clinic, so have patience with our efforts and keep them consistent and of a high standard, to make sure our message is reaching the people that are out there and need our help.”