How small businesses can avoid employee burnout

When running a small business, one can delve deep into the day-to-day working elements of it, doing everything from answering the phones to planning the business marketing budget. Your employees, on the other hand, can’t be expected to show the same levels of dedication to the company.  While they will be committed to your success, [...]

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What is customer experience and why is it so important?

Customer experience is about how customers feel when interacting with your company. If they feel angry, annoyed, or frustrated, they’ll look for a better experience elsewhere. But if they’re happy and satisfied, they’re likely to stick with you.  What is customer experience and how does it differ from customer service?  You may think customer experience [...]

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How to use LinkedIn to recruit great staff for your small business

Hiring people can be a headache. It’s critical that you get the right talent so that you can grow your small business. Yet it's tough to find a skilled candidate, especially when you don’t have a dedicated HR team.  Enter LinkedIn – the professional social network. It’s quietly changed the role of recruiting in the [...]

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3 budget-friendly tools you can use to connect with your team

Productivity and efficiency have never been more relevant. Especially after a global pandemic.  In response to our craving for increased productivity and efficiency is a mushrooming of collaboration tools. But warning! Too many tools may do your business more harm than good. Here, we’ve shortlisted three collaboration tools that are not only useful but budget-friendly [...]

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How to build a great sales team on a small budget

The success of your small business as a whole is dependent on every single person involved.  Your sales team, however - are your front of house, the first point of contact your customers are likely to have with your business, and the face of your company. Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, [...]

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Four pieces of tech that can make your small business more efficient

Technology has revolutionised the way we do business. Tasks that took hours to complete 20 years ago can now be done in minutes. If you’re still clinging to outdated systems, it’s time to take out the old and bring in the new. Here are 4 pieces of tech to embrace that can make your business [...]

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When should you move from customer acquisition to customer retention?

Attracting new customers is hard work. Once you have them, don’t make the mistake of letting them slip through the net. So many small businesses focus singularly on customer acquisition, completely unaware of the importance of customer retention. If you’ve heard these two buzzwords, you may wonder how they differ or question when the best [...]

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Will having a to-do list make you more effective as a small business owner?

Like many small business owners, you probably wish you had more hours in the day. The more you do, the less you seem to accomplish. That’s because being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive.  Productivity tips abound on the internet but there’s still one simple way to get more done – the humble to-do list.  [...]

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Why customer churn happens, and how to stop it

Customer churn refers to customers who stop doing business with your company. To determine your company’s rate of churn, divide the number of customers lost during a period by the number you started with. If your customer churn is high, your marketing strategy is not striking a chord with customers. Why does customer churn happen? [...]

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How to provide dependable customer service

As a small business owner, you might have all the confidence in the world when it comes to what your business has to offer.  But are you confident in the way you’re able to deliver your product or service? No matter how good your product or service, somewhere out there sits a competitor waiting for [...]

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