The more bad clients you sack, the more good ones you can hire

Want to grow your small business? Then you need to dump your clients. That’s the message from Michael Port’s wonderful small business book, Book Yourself Solid. To clarify, Port isn’t advising you to dump all your clients – just your bad ones. The idea is that once your small business culls its soul-sucking clients, it [...]

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Ray Kroc proves that continuous self-improvement can yield big results

If you’ve seen The Founder, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ray Kroc, the driving force behind the growth of McDonald’s, owed his success entirely to luck. The story the movie tells is this: Kroc was a bit of a loser One day, he happened to meet the McDonald brothers He was impressed by [...]

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Dale Carnegie’s timeless advice will make you better at business

If you want to read a book that will not only improve your business skills but also make you a better person, try How to Win Friends & Influence People. Dale Carnegie’s international bestseller, which was published in 1937, provides timeless advice on human behaviour. Carnegie’s insights will help you better understand your clients, suppliers, [...]

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Don’t be a customer-centric idiot

The research is in: people who speak plain English are considered smarter than those who use corporate BS. In a nice coincidence, we discovered this research soon after reading a stupendously awful strategy statement from a company called CarrierBank*. “‘One CarrierBank’ is an integrated, customer-centric business model that enables customers to choose any of the [...]

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CEO wanted: dickheads need not apply

Your company needs a new chief executive so it decides to hire a hairy-chested alpha male. Big mistake. That’s one of the key lessons from the business classic Good to Great. The book’s researchers found that the best businesses aren’t led by superhero chief executives who crave the spotlight. Instead, they’re led by quiet, humble [...]

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5 business books you must read

As a small business owner, you can’t sharpen your business without first sharpening your thinking.  But with the thousands of great business books available, it’s hard to know which ones are worth reading. Below is a list of five great business books that will provide you with the creative ideas and practical tips to boost [...]

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