As a savvy small business owner, you know you should use your marketing budget wisely. Reusing your content doesn’t just save time; it can have many other positive results too. 

Repurposing your old content can help you reach a new audience and boost your organic traffic. It also adds some extra weight to your authority in your industry. 

But repurposing your content is not just about copying, pasting, and republishing. Here are some tips on identifying the best content to repurpose, and what to do with it. 

How to choose the right content to republish

Check your website and social media data. Identify which articles and posts have received the most traffic and engagement. They are typically evergreen content that stays relevant and doesn’t age.  

Try to figure out the reason these articles and posts did so well. Was it the topic? The platform, the style of post, or the design that made an impact?

You can now choose to either: 

  1. Repurpose one of these top articles or posts OR
  2. Identify another article or post that didn’t do as well, and try to apply the ‘winning’ formula to it

How can I repurpose content?

There are various options for repurposing your marketing content. You can change the format, update the information, or identify a different focus. 

  • Update your old blogs with new, relevant stats and information, then reshare them on your various platforms
  • Use your data and metrics to create punchy social media content or infographics 
  • Turn your blogs into podcasts or videos 
  • Combine your blogs into an eBook
  • Share customer testimonials, or ‘before and after’ photos on social media

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