Wonder why InvestorKit is such a successful small business? Relentless marketing and fantastic customer service have a lot to do with it.

InvestorKit is a buyer’s agency that helps people find and secure rare positive-cashflow residential and commercial investment properties throughout Australia. From day one, founder Arjun Paliwal has placed a premium on looking after people.

“Our focus isn’t to complete a transaction, but is instead to form a relationship with each and every buyer,” he says.

“That’s why our service involves the before (strategy), the during (purchasing) and the after (post-settlement support).”

InvestorKit invests in a wide range of marketing

Arjun isn’t shy about marketing his small business. He’s active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. He writes blogs. He records YouTube videos. He appears on podcasts. He publishes newsletters. He sends out EDMs to his database. 

But wait – there’s more. InvestorKit also markets itself through ebooks, media releases, banner ads, affiliate partnerships, cross-promotion and word-of-mouth.

“Word-of-mouth through the inner circle is the best type of marketing,” Arjun says. “Really, really looking after those who know, like and trust you has been the biggest difference-maker to the success of InvestorKit.”

Word-of-mouth has also delivered InvestorKit the biggest marketing success it’s ever enjoyed.

“In one week, two clients went on to refer four people who all decided to work with InvestorKit,” he says. “The majority of those referred were also multi-property investors.”

InvestorKit plans to make its marketing even better

Like any small business, InvestorKit is not without its marketing challenges.

The biggest one, Arjun says, is trying to convert InvestorKit’s non-stop marketing into predictable revenue streams.

“Most people use Facebook or Google marketing to have a constant and measurable stream of marketing costs versus revenue. Currently, we do not do those,” he says.

“For InvestorKit, it has largely been organic marketing alongside some paid partnerships. Although very successful to date, nothing has predictable or easily measurable performance.

“While enjoying low- to no-cost marketing to generate results is fantastic, it is not predictable in nature.”

Arjun says there are two things InvestorKit must do to take its marketing to the next level – make its organic marketing more consistent and start advertising on Facebook and Google.