The key to successful content marketing is regular content creation. Blogging is one proven way to grow your online visibility. But there’s another often overlooked tool in your digital armoury — podcasts.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be listened to or downloaded on a device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. People can subscribe to a podcast series to receive new episodes as they are released. 

The pros and cons of podcasting

Today, 1.6 million Australians download podcasts every month. Here’s why they’ve become so popular.

  • It’s easy content to consume. A podcast removes the need to read. This means you can listen to a podcast while driving, exercising, or cooking dinner. 
  • There’s a human connection to a voice. It’s the perfect compromise for those who aren’t comfortable being seen in a video.
  • If your target audience is young, podcasts are the way to go. Seventy-two percent of podcast listeners in Australia are between the age of 18-54

Drawback: Podcasts are more time-consuming and technical to produce than a blog article. 

The pros and cons are of blogging 

A blog features written content that is published regularly. The advantages of a blog are:

  • Blog articles are easier to optimise for the web. Podcasts still lag behind in terms of SEO
  • Blog articles are faster to produce. Podcasts are more technical to produce. If you’re serious about recording regular podcasts, you’ll have to invest in some decent equipment and audio editing software to produce professional recordings.

Drawback: One disadvantage with blog articles is how quickly readers will move on if the topic or writing doesn’t grab them. Podcast listeners, on the other hand, tend to finish all or most of the episode according to Edison Research

Which is better for your small business?

If you’re a great writer, blog posts are going to be easy to knock out. If you’re a natural behind the microphone, podcasting will be a cinch. However, the answer to growing your online footprint isn’t either-or, but a mix of digital content that includes blog articles, videos, and podcasts for the best results.

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