Top 20 digital marketing channels for your business promotions in 2024

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Top 20 digital marketing channels for your business promotions in 2024

When planning your marketing strategy, a crucial choice is determining the best digital marketing channels to connect with and capture your target audience, driving business growth and client retention.

A marketing channel is simply a way or platform to promote a product or service. Today, there are plenty of marketing channels to showcase your brand.

A good marketing strategy covers various channels, ensuring your message is strong and consistent, whether through traditional or digital means.

The best marketing channels for your business depend on your industry, services, target audience and budget. The channels you choose also shape the type of information you share and how it’s presented.


Top 20 digital marketing channels 

1. SEO

As most internet sessions begin with a search engine such as Google, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a crucial digital marketing channel.

SEO ensures your website ranks well in search results for relevant keywords, boosting both the quantity and quality of traffic.

SEO enhances online visibility, helping people find your website and generating qualified leads – potential clients genuinely interested in your offerings.

Specialised subsets like local SEO focus on location-related keywords, while enterprise SEO tailors strategies for large websites.

Here is an example of a local SEO result when searching for property and finance writers in Sydney:


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2. Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC adverts are online ads, seen in paid search results, website displays and social media. You pay only when a user clicks your ad.

In a PPC campaign, your ads appear above organic search results for chosen search terms. It’s a quick way to expose your business to potential clients, with targeted ads for specific user groups based on interests, demographics or recent website visits.

PPC is especially useful for new websites that may not rank well organically initially.


3. Social media

Being on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (now X) and Instagram lets you connect with a wide audience.

Regular social media posts build brand awareness and foster audience engagement. These platforms are great for addressing client queries and comments.

Creating shareable social media copy can introduce your brand to new clients through friends’ profiles, even without direct followership.

Social media advertising extends your reach, targeting specific user groups to grow your audience and generate leads.


4. Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating content like blog posts, infographics and videos, to prompt users to take specific actions, such as contacting the business or scheduling an appointment.

Regular and well-researched blog posts enhance your business’s SEO, positioning it as a trusted brand in your market.

Content isn’t just promotional; it covers diverse topics and contributes to a broader marketing strategy. You can optimise your content for search engines and share your content on social media and via email.

Producing valuable content builds relationships and establishes trust with your audience, positioning your brand as an industry expert. Tailor content to different stages of the marketing funnel to engage and convert prospects.

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5. Email

Email is a powerful and cost-effective digital marketing tool. It lets you nurture leads, stay in touch and boost brand awareness.

By using email, you can cultivate relationships with those interested in your brand, giving you control over what, when and how often your audience receives your messages.

Share company news, special offers and website blog posts through emails. 


6. Web design and development

Your website plays a crucial role in your digital marketing efforts, serving as a key channel for user engagement and profitable actions.

For success, your website should be:

  • Professionally designed: A professional appearance creates a positive business impression
  • Responsive: Ensure your site adjusts seamlessly to different devices – mobile, tablet and desktop
  • User-friendly: A site that’s easy and enjoyable to use keeps visitors around longer, increasing conversion chances
  • Secure: A secure website builds customer trust and protects against cyber threats


7. Voice search

With evolving technology, online search methods are changing. Voice search optimisation, a variant of SEO, targets making your website compatible with searches made through smart speakers and smartphone voice technology.

In voice searches, the voice assistant usually presents the featured snippet as the answer. This snippet is the info in the box at the top of the results page on Google. 


8. Video marketing

Video is a growing digital marketing tool that brings substantial benefits to your overall strategy.

Adding a video to a webpage boosts its chances of ranking on Google’s first page and having a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate. When done effectively, video is highly impactful.


9. Influencer marketing

Teaming up with influencers lets small businesses reach established audiences that trust the influencer’s recommendation, ready to take action. 

This strategic partnership offers access to a highly interested target group with a potential high return on investment (ROI) for small businesses. 

With social media on the rise, influencers have become powerful for engaging target audiences. Partnering with relevant influencers in your niche taps into their fan base, exposing your brand to potential clients. 

These collaborations can humanise your brand, fostering user loyalty and deeper connection, opening a new path for business expansion.


10. Google Business Profile

Adding your business to Google Business Profile is crucial for being easily found on search and maps. It’s a key part of a strong SEO strategy, expanding your visibility and potentially increasing conversions.


11. Direct mail

While direct mail might not be the fastest method for generating leads, there are situations where it makes sense to use this approach.

If your target audience is highly specialised, direct mail allows you to send tailored messages to a specific group, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

For businesses relying on local clients, direct mail effectively targets specific geographic areas, benefiting establishments like local services.

Direct mail isn’t only for acquiring new clients; it’s also useful for nurturing and retaining existing ones. Sending personalised thank-you notes or exclusive offers can strengthen customer relationships.


12. Podcasts

For effective storytelling in your niche, podcasts offer an engaging platform. Sharing your business journey, client successes or industry anecdotes through podcasts can captivate your audience, humanise your brand, and make it relatable and likeable.


13. SMS

SMS marketing is an effective and versatile strategy, especially for small businesses. This direct and accessible channel requires client permission, obtained through opt-in processes like texting a keyword or signing up via a web form.

With a character limit, SMS demands concise and direct messaging. Craft messages that grab attention, pique interest and include clear calls-to-action.


14. Testimonials

User-generated content, like online reviews and testimonials, has a significant impact on reputations.

The key is to earn authentic endorsements by delivering exceptional products, services and customer care.


15. Interactive content

Create engaging and interactive content like quizzes, polls and surveys.


16. Webinars and virtual events

Host online events to connect with your audience and showcase your expertise.


17. Chat marketing

Engage with customers through messaging apps and chat platforms.


18. Website analytics 

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for improving website performance by providing valuable insights. It allows analysis of products, content or marketing in terms of user engagement.


19. Chatbots

Use automated chatbots to interact with website visitors and clients.


20. A/B testing

This tool lets you compare a change on your website with the current version to see which delivers greater clicks and conversions.



In today’s digital landscape, growth requires a multichannel marketing strategy. Core channels – SEO, social media, email, and paid advertising – form the foundation.

Add emerging tactics like interactive content, influencer collaborations and voice search optimisation. Keep testing new channels and focus on what delivers return on investment.

For all your property and finance copywriting, social media content creation, SEO, website content and digital marketing copy needs, Sydney copywriting agency Hunter & Scribe is here to help. Contact us today.

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