How to write blogs your clients will love

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How to write blogs your clients will love

Here are a few simple yet powerful tips that will not only grab your readers’ attention, but also ensure they stay hooked throughout your blog. 

Grab the audience’s attention

An easy read is always welcome, which is why audiences want to encounter an easily scannable blog.


Here’s how to write one:


Create a consistent article structure

The audience will sense careful organisation in your work, making it easy to pick out the critical parts quickly.

People have short attention spans when on their devices, because there are other distractions like messages, calls and notifications.

Crafting blogs with straightforward formats reduces the likelihood of readers turning away, enabling them to swiftly scan engaging sections of your content.


Things to consider when designing your blog outline:


  • Use titles, subtitles, headings and subheadings to break your content into small, readable sections
  • Write brief, straightforward sentences
  • Write short paragraphs
  • Use numbered lists or bullet-points to break down the paragraphs and highlight important points


Use appropriate images

Images can grab a user’s attention, but it’s crucial to choose images that fit your blog’s context to prevent misleading your readers.


Use relevant topic headlines

Your titles and headings must contain relevant topic keywords, so users can quickly identify and appreciate the relevance of your content.


Keep SEO in mind 

A blog can be very useful in boosting your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). New content delivered on a regular basis encourages search engines to return to your website.

Adding content that’s relevant to your industry can increase your topical relevance for search queries related to your industry.

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Write content that captures their interest

After capturing the audience’s attention, you now have to cultivate their interest in reading through your blog.


Use simple language

Keep it simple to grab your readers’ attention. Your audience wants to understand your writing right from the start.

Make sure your words are easy to grasp without needing additional references.

Maintain a smooth flow in your blog, with seamless transitions between sentences and paragraphs for effortless reading.

Steer clear of jargon that might confuse your audience, ensuring your content remains clear and accessible.


Use authoritative phrases

Write in a simple yet confident manner to keep readers engaged. Show them you know your facts without seeming unsure or uninformed.


Master grammar

Good grammar is crucial to keep readers interested in your blog. If they spot frequent mistakes, they might quickly move on to other content.

Content that follows grammatical rules makes you look professional. Readers are more likely to read your entire blog when they see clear, grammatically correct sentences.

Make the audience want to read your blog

Employ a conversational tone

Good blogs are both interesting and informative. They also have an engaging, conversational tone, so readers feel like the writer is having a conversation with them.

Another tip is to use vocabulary that is natural for your audience, so your content feels comfortable.


Understand your niche

Choose a subject and tone that match both your topic and your audience.

That may require research, to know what, why and for whom you write.


Use real-life examples

Readers connect best with real-life situations that mirror their own experiences. If you’re discussing specific services, make sure to include examples and case studies that they can relate to.

For example, if you’re a mortgage broker, you can show potential clients how you helped a first home buyer find a mortgage that suited their individual financial circumstances. 

You can detail the entire experience from the time you met them to the time they received the keys to their new home. It would include how you put them at ease by explaining the mortgage application process, provided the various options available to them, collected and submitted their mortgage documents and how it resulted in a successful home loan application.  

Hunter & Scribe can help you with well-written case studies.


Use statistics to back your statements

Statistics are also helpful when you want to display your knowledge about the effectiveness and reliability of a service.

The goal is to get readers interested in understanding the impact of a service using the numbers provided. These insights assist readers in making decisions if they want to take action.

Always provide trustworthy links to the statistics so they confirm the truth of your words.


State and answer FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) offer the perfect chance to address additional client concerns. The readers will see the questions touching on relatable topics and quickly read to see how you responded.

Make the audience take action

The best way to ensure your audience takes action after reading your content is to tell them what, specifically, they should do.

This is known as a call-to-action (CTA). Here are a few examples:


Ask the reader to engage with the blog post

Add CTA buttons to your page that guide users to interact with your blog as they prefer. Include options for sharing, commenting and liking your post after they read it.

This increases the visibility of your content as users share it with their friends and followers, reaching a broader audience


Ask the audience for feedback

Encourage your audience to share their thoughts on the post or suggest ideas for future ones. This way, you gain insight into their perspectives and any needs you might have overlooked, helping you plan your upcoming content.


Ask the prospect to subscribe or contact you

You can request a potential client to click and subscribe to your content notifications for future posts or contact you to make an appointment for further enquiries. Here, potential clients can indicate serious interest. 


Armed with these tips, start writing blog posts that resonate, leaving your clients eager for more.

If you’re a property or finance business looking to succeed with blogging, Hunter & Scribe can help you create high-quality content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic to your website. Contact Hunter & Scribe for more information.

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