How to create a client-attracting LinkedIn profile

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How to create a client-attracting LinkedIn profile

If you’re looking to promote your property or finance business on LinkedIn, you’ll need an awesome profile that catches the eye of your potential clients and convinces them that you have the solution to their problems.  

Creating a client-attracting LinkedIn profile is easier than you think. Just follow this six-step process. 


Create a customer-centric profile

Some small business owners use their personal profile to promote their business. This can work if you’re a solopreneur, like an independent accountant or financial adviser, provided you focus less on your achievements and more on how your services can benefit the client. 

So, instead of saying, “I am a financial adviser specialising in investments,” you could say, “I help clients build a better financial future by making smart investment choices.” 

There’s nothing wrong with the first sentence, but the second one tells clients how they can benefit by using your services. 

If your brand operates under a company name (not your individual name), it’s a good idea to create a separate company profile. You can add a link to your personal profile for anyone wishing to learn more about your background. 

Again, your business LinkedIn profile should be customer-centric, addressing clients’ pain points and demonstrating how you can solve their problems. 


Upload a professional header and profile picture

Your profile banner and photo should represent your business. The company’s logo is ideal,  but you could also add a banner image that reflects the nature of your business. 

You may need to adjust the size of your images to fit the space. LinkedIn’s banner size is 1284 x 396 pixels, and the profile photo is 400 x 400 pixels. An image that is too small or too big could appear stretched, pixelated or have text or graphics cut off. 


Create a strong headline

The headline is right under your company name and is the first thing people see when they land on your page. Therefore, it must be attention-grabbing. A strong, relevant headline will prompt potential clients to scroll down and read more about your company. 

Your headline should be concise, telling prospective clients exactly what your business is about in one or two sentences. For example, in the snippet below taken from Hunter & Scribe’s LinkedIn profile, we get right to the point. We tell you what we do (write content) and who we target (property and finance professionals). 

Bonus tip: Include keywords in your headline to increase your chance of being listed in LinkedIn searches. 


Write a compelling overview under the ‘About’ section

The About section allows you to sell your business in 2,600 characters (approximately 370 words). You don’t have to fill the entire space; you just need to make your words count. Put yourself in your client’s shoes – what would they want to know about your business? 

Here’s what you can include in your About section:  

  • Your services, experience and skills 
  • Your company’s values 
  • Your unique selling point (what makes your business different?)  
  • Client success stories
  • Awards your company received
  • Community or corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects you’re involved with 

To make your About section more attractive to potential clients, follow these writing tips: 

  • Tell a story. For example, what inspired you to start the business? People relate to a heartwarming story more than a cold, impersonal list of achievements.  
  • Let your brand voice and personality shine. Keep your tone light and cheerful, and limit jargon and technical terms. 
  • Make it easy to read by adding white space. Break up text with paragraphs and bullet points. 
  • Optimise your profile page with relevant keywords.  

If you need help writing a LinkedIn profile, Hunter & Scribe can draft one for you. Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your marketing mix, so it’s worth hiring a professional copywriter to create a profile that will resonate with clients.     


Include your contact details

Yes, people can message you directly on LinkedIn, but it doesn’t hurt to provide a few other ways to contact you. These can include: 

  • Your telephone number (list your business hours so clients don’t call after hours)
  • Your email address
  • Your website URL 
  • Your physical location and the geographical areas you serve


Publish content regularly

Being an active LinkedIn member can boost your presence on LinkedIn and help more clients find you. There are three ways to do this: 

  • Publish relevant and informative content frequently to keep your profile active. 
  • Engage with other Linkedin users by commenting on their posts or joining groups.
  • Publish industry-relevant articles. Well-researched, educational will showcase your knowledge and can position you as an authority in your field. 

If your LinkedIn content is useful, topical and engaging, readers may choose to share it, expanding your organic reach. Articles are also searchable outside LinkedIn, which could further broaden your reach.  

Hunter & Scribe can help you create client-attracting social media profiles for your property or finance business. We can also help you produce engaging social media content to further strengthen your profile. Contact Hunter & Scribe or email nick@hunterandscribe.com

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