Mortgage brokers: who is the hero of your marketing story?

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Mortgage brokers: who is the hero of your marketing story?

Many mortgage brokers make the mistake of thinking they’re the hero of their own marketing stories. 

Focusing the spotlight on your company and your expertise may seem like the right marketing strategy, but it might not gain a potential client’s trust.

To gain someone’s trust you should focus on them – and make them the hero in all your marketing material. 



As a mortgage broker, you work in a highly competitive industry. To stand out, you may want to list your expertise like:

  • Work experience
  • Educational background
  • Your personal motivation

But now let’s say a credit-impaired client is looking for a home loan and reads your website which only talks about you. At the end of it, they won’t know whether you can or want to help them.

But if your website focused on clients, then you’d divide your services into several sections:

  • First home buyers
  • Owner-occupiers
  • Investors
  • Self-employed
  • Credit-impaired

Each section would then explain how you can solve those people’s problems by giving specific information relating to their situation.

So the credit-impaired client will know you understand their obstacles, want their business and may be able to help them. 


Blogs and newsletters

If you focus on your clients, then your blogs and newsletters won’t be filled with information about mortgage brokers. Instead, they’ll be filled with information your clients want. 

Your blogs will answer questions that clients type into search engines, like:

  • Why did my friend get a lower interest rate than me?
  • Are cashback rewards really free?
  • What are the hidden costs of getting a mortgage?
  • Should I get pre-approval?
  • What’s a credit score?

And they’ll answer the questions in a way any client can understand, regardless of whether English is their first language.



Although your  blogs, newsletters and social media posts should offer helpful and educational content, they should also include calls-to-action (CTAs). But even the CTAs should make your clients the heroes.

So instead of telling your clients how wonderful you are:

Tell your clients how wonderful they are:

Or how you can solve their problem:


At Hunter & Scribe we’ll make you our hero

If you need client-focused text for your website, blogs, newsletters or social media posts consider outsourcing it to Hunter & Scribe. 

The advantages of outsourcing your content writing to us include:

  • We’ll make your business stand out by writing content that makes your clients the heroes
  • You’ll have more time to run your core business
  • The content will automatically land in your inbox on time
  • We specialise in property and finance so know the industry 
  • We use plain English and explain any industry jargon we use

Contact us for more information.

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