How accountants can do great content marketing

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How accountants can do great content marketing

How can I minimise my tax? How will AI affect accounting? What deductions can I claim for my rental property?

Those are some of the common questions accountants get asked by their clients.

That’s based on feedback Hunter & Scribe director Nick Bendel received when he gave a presentation about content marketing to the CPA Australia City Financial Planning discussion group – which consisted mainly of accountants, as well as some financial advisers.

Why are client questions relevant? Because as Nick told the accountants in attendance, if you’re unsure what topics to cover in your content marketing, a good place to start is to make a list of the questions you get asked.

You can then address those issues through a wide range of content pieces, including:


What accountants should write about in their content marketing

The key to succeeding with accountant copywriting is to focus on things your clients care about – which is their questions, their problems and their businesses.

Rightly or wrongly, they don’t care about you. So don’t write content that talks about how amazing your accounting firm is, because that won’t interest your clients.

Instead, you should provide answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and education for their businesses – because then they’ll happily consume your marketing.

The best accountants content writing focuses on the client, not the firm.


Copywriting for Australian accountants

As Nick explained during his presentation, there are two ways accountants can do content marketing – write it yourself or outsource it to an accountant copywriting agency like Hunter & Scribe.

Hunter & Scribe does content writing for Australian accountants that covers everything from blogs about the latest government business incentive to social media posts about how to read a balance sheet.

If you don’t have the time or ability to write your own accountant content marketing, contact us to discuss your options.

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