How accountants can solve their biggest problem

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How accountants can solve their biggest problem

The number one problem for self-employed accountants is … ?

Making sales.

With that in mind, Hunter & Scribe director Nick Bendel gave a presentation to the CPA Australia Small & Medium Enterprise discussion group about how accountants can use content marketing to attract more clients. 

Nick discussed:

  • Why accountants should do content marketing
  • What accountants should talk about in their content marketing
  • The difference between bad and good accountant copywriting
  • How to get started with content marketing
  • How to create a successful content marketing plan

The audience asked a lot of great questions, and it quickly became apparent that a lot of accountants want to do content marketing but aren’t sure how.

The points that most resonated with the group were:

  • Content marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from the vast mass of other accountants in Australia
  • Publishing content is hard and nerve-wracking at first, but becomes progressively easier
  • The best content marketing plan is one that works for you – so choose sustainable over perfect


How to grow your accounting practice

Hunter & Scribe is a content writing agency for accountants and other finance professionals. 

We aim to be the best content writing agency for accountants in Australia, through our high-quality blogs, social media posts, email newsletters, media releases, award submissions and books.

If you’re an Australian accountant and you want to use content marketing to attract more clients, contact us to discuss your options.

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