Is it better to outsource content or keep it in-house?

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Is it better to outsource content or keep it in-house?

As a business owner, one of the decisions you’ll inevitably face is whether you should grow your team or outsource the work. 

This is a particularly hard choice for creative tasks like content marketing, which often need specialist skills and resources, but may not warrant a full-time position.

To help make your decision easier, here are the pros and cons of both options:


Doing content marketing in-house

If you write your own content, you have complete control over what goes out. It can also reflect your personality, brand and style. But you might not have the time or skill to write content.

The second option is to hire staff to write your content. The benefits are:

  • They’re always available
  • They won’t expose your trade secrets to other clients
  • Your work will always be prioritised
  • You can control their work – for example if you’re a real estate agent, you could ask your team member to write two versions of your latest listing and choose the one you liked the most
  • Over time, they’ll fully understand your brand, audience and preferred processes

On the flip side:

  • It is expensive to hire an experienced content writer
  • You may not have the expertise to train a junior content writer
  • They may not have enough work
  • You have to pay extra costs, like superannuation, leave and insurance
  • They’re likely to resign sooner or later, which would force you to begin the process again


Outsourcing your content marketing

There are four main benefits of outsourcing your content marketing to specialist property and finance writers like Hunter & Scribe:

  1. If you choose a business with several writers, your work will always go out on time because there will never be an issue with someone being on leave or off sick.
  2. It may be more cost-effective than hiring someone full-time, because you only pay for the work when you need it, and don’t have to pay for downtime or employee benefits.
  1. Your content may be more varied and insightful because professional writers are exposed to more industries. For example, Hunter & Scribe writes for real estate agents, buyer’s agents, mortgage brokers, lenders and credit repair agencies. So we understand the property and mortgage markets from all different perspectives.
  1. You get in-depth research for free. For example, a writer at Hunter & Scribe might write a social media post for a buyer’s agent, a blog for a real estate agent and a webpage for a lender on the same day. This writer is going to check the latest statistics and news released by authoritative sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, SQM Research and CoreLogic without charging you extra for it – because it’s their job to keep up with what’s happening in the property and finance markets.

While, initially, your outsourcing partner won’t know your business well, you might be surprised by how quickly they can bring themselves up to speed. 

Of course, you will have to be prepared to share your content marketing partner with other businesses. With Hunter & Scribe, that would actually be a major benefit. For example, if you’re a lender and we’ve just written a blog for a credit repair agency on forthcoming regulations, we’re going to research those regulations. When it comes to writing your blog, we may refer back to those regulations to see if any of them apply to your business.


Want the best of both worlds?

If your business has grown and your content needs warrant having a full-time employee you can still outsource some of the work – for example, when your employee is on leave. 

You can also consider hiring professionals to edit the work before sending it out, to ensure it’s polished.

You can outsource all your content needs to Hunter & Scribe. We’re equally good at writing social media posts for accountants, blogs for lenders and ebooks for property professionals. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.

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