How to get more mileage out of your old content

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How to get more mileage out of your old content

As your content library grows, you can return to previous content and find ways to repurpose it. 

Here are three ways to get more mileage out of your old content:


1. Design infographics

Got a long and detailed blog post? Pull the key facts from the post and summarise them in an infographic. Then share the infographic across your social media pages with a link to the original blog post

For example, this blog could be summarised as:


2. Start a podcast

If you have content such as interviews or an ongoing series, turn it into a podcast. 

You can also repurpose your blogs by discussing them and recording the discussion. You could discuss the topic with a colleague or deliver a monologue. You could release these as videos or podcasts.


3. Keep sharing previous content

Unless a piece is time-sensitive, there’s nothing wrong with resharing previous content. 

Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Republish evergreen content (content that is educational and not time-sensitive) on social media months after you initially published it because few people will remember reading it
  • Update your blogs with new information and republish them 
  • Select snippets of information from your blogs and publish them on social media
  • Take the educational content from your existing blogs and turn them into an ebook that you can use to generate leads
  • Combine some of your shorter blogs into lengthier blogs
  • Discuss your old blogs and explain why you think the content is still valid



To illustrate these three steps with an example:

Let’s say a mortgage broker wrote a blog on: ‘How to pay less for your home loan’. The blog deals with the financial steps a potential home buyer should take before applying for a home loan, so they maximise their chances of getting a lower interest rate.

Months later, the mortgage broker can revisit the blog and:

  • Publish a social media post with a link to the blog and this text: “Six months ago when home loan rates were high, I explained the steps you should take to be offered a lower interest rate. Even though home loan rates are no longer that high, the advice is still valid. So take some time to read this blog if you’re thinking of applying for a home loan.” 
  • Select sections of the blog to publish as standalone social media posts, like these sections:
    • Maximising your income
    • Creating the impression you’re stable
    • Minimising your debt
  • Turn the blog into an infographic and publish that with a link to the original blog. For example:

  • Write a new blog, starting with: “Six months ago I wrote a blog on the steps you should take to pay less for your home loan. Although this is still valid, I’ve added new content to reflect current market conditions. Here’s the revised blog.”

Whether you want fresh content or need ways to repurpose your existing content, Hunter & Scribe can help. Contact us for more information.

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