How to win clients using automated email campaigns

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How to win clients using automated email campaigns

Automated emails are reasonably easy to implement and can be highly effective at attracting new customers and nurturing existing ones. 

Here’s how: 


Choose your software

You may need help from your web developer to integrate the software into your website. 

If you’re creating your own website through a platform like Wix, you can use third-party software and create the trigger points yourself (see below). The third-party sites will give you the code snippets to include with the forms that visitors fill in (like contact forms or newsletter subscription forms). They will most likely also provide training videos on how to integrate their software into your website.


Choose your trigger points

1. Contact and sign-up forms

Contact forms are a classic example of trigger actions. Once someone fills in the form, they will see a message that the form is submitted and must wait for an answer.

You could go a step further and provide the client with helpful information while they wait. For example, your contact form could state:

“Thank you for contacting us. We’re excited to receive your inquiry. While you wait, here are ten reasons our clients love doing business with us…”

You could also send a follow-up email 24 hours later in case they don’t receive a timely response.

Let’s take a real estate agency as an example:

Someone enquires about a property that is listed as for sale:

  • They could receive an automated email with a copy of the property listing and a reassurance someone will get back to them
  • The email could include a link to other similar properties that are for sale
  • They could receive an automated email 24 hours later to enquire if they’ve been contacted and are happy with the service

You can also use this method to engage with clients who sign up for a newsletter or provide you with an email address to download your ebook.

2. Win-back campaigns

You might have newsletter subscribers who don’t read your newsletters, or haven’t done business with you in a while. 

You could set up an automated email to try to get them to engage again. (Don’t make the mistake of putting that request in the actual newsletter – if they’re not reading your newsletter, they won’t see your request.)

For example, a mortgage broker may note a client is no longer reading their newsletters. They could send the client any of these follow-up emails:

  • We understand you might not need a home loan for a few years. Would you like us to suspend your subscription for 12 months?
  • Is there anything about home loans you’d like to know? Tell us and we’ll write about it in next month’s newsletter.
  • Did you know you can contact a broker for more than just a home loan? Read our newsletter to discover how else we can help you.

Another way to win-back clients’ attention is to release an ebook to regular subscribers that read your newsletter. Your software will tell you if they’re opening your newsletters, and after, say, the 10th time you could send them the ebook. This system gives you an opportunity to prompt subscribers who no longer read your newsletters by telling them they will qualify for the ebook if they continue to read the newsletters – for example, “You only need to read three more newsletters to get a copy of our ebook.” 

Consider asking Hunter & Scribe to write your emails. We’ll ensure they’re clear, concise and aligned to your preferred outcome. We can also write your newsletters and ebooks. Contact us to discuss your content writing needs.

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