Three reasons every mortgage broker should have an ebook

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Three reasons every mortgage broker should have an ebook

With so many mortgage brokers competing for the same clients, it’s hard to stand out. That’s why you should consider writing an ebook and giving it away for free. 

An ebook can help you achieve three important things:


1. Establish trust

Your ebook should contain valuable information – something you could possibly charge for but choose to share instead. And once people receive this valuable information, they’ll assume you’re an expert at what you do, which should make them more likely to trust you. That’s because:

  • In-depth information is normally only provided by experts
  • An ebook indicates your business is successful enough that you can afford to give it away for free
  • They’ll be grateful for the information
  • Only a small minority of mortgage brokers have ebooks


2. Build up a stock of useable content 

Investing in a good ebook provides you with a wealth of quality content that can be put to good use elsewhere. 

You can repurpose the information on your blog, condense it for your social media posts, and use the graphics throughout your various marketing campaigns. 


3. Get more clients

An ebook that answers frequently asked questions can help you get leads. 

Let’s consider a question someone might search for: ‘Why use a mortgage broker?’

For your website, you could write a blog with the same title and explain why clients should use a mortgage broker. But if you give too much information, the average person won’t read it; and if you give too little, you forego the chance of selling your business to potential clients.

There’s a way you can get the best of both worlds. Publish a brief blog on the subject and, at the end, give readers the option to download your ebook for a detailed discussion of why they should use a mortgage broker.

This ebook can include the advantages of using a mortgage broker that’s already in the blog, like:

  • The ability to compare loans from a wide range of lenders
  • An increased chance of qualifying for a loan because a mortgage broker knows which lenders to target
  • A less stressful process, because the broker does most of the work

But it can also include in-depth information on either your business or the industry, like:

  • What makes you recommend one lender over all the others on your panel
  • The benefits of letting lenders know you’re shopping around
  • Why you might get a lower interest rate by going through a mortgage broker
  • The advantages of having someone explain the fine print of the home loan contract to you
  • The advantages of being reminded to think about refinancing your home loan every few years
  • Tips on how you build a property portfolio

To get the lead from your ebook, you ask the reader to part with their email address. You can then send them the book manually (by asking them to fill in a form that requests their name and email address) or automatically (by instructing them to email a certain address that auto-replies with a copy of the ebook). When you send the ebook, you can also tell them more about your business and ask them to subscribe to your newsletters.

The actual ebook could also end with a call-to-action inviting the readers to contact your business.

If writing an ebook sounds like a good idea but a daunting task, why not outsource it to Hunter & Scribe? We’ll work with you to develop an outline you’re happy with, then write the ebook for you. It’ll be less work than you think because we specialise in writing about property and finance. Contact us for more information.

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