How to write a perfect call-to-action

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How to write a perfect call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) tells your clients what action to take next, like ‘call now,’ ‘subscribe here’ or ‘read more’.

To write a perfect CTA that motivates clients to take action, follow these six steps:


1. Make it simple 

Include a simple message in plain English with one clear instruction. For example:

Are you a lender? Do you need expert content writing services? Contact Hunter & Scribe.


2. Make it enticing 

Explain the benefits people will get from taking the action. If people don’t see a reason to act, they won’t.

For example:

Would you like your buyer’s agency to stand out? Ask Hunter & Scribe to write a weekly blog on the state of the property market for you. 


3. Make it easy

The easier the action, the more likely your audience will feel motivated enough to take it. But what one person finds easy, another might not. So offer them options like:

Do you need professionally written newsletters for your mortgage brokerage? Contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected], fill in this form, or phone Nick on 0404 638 781.


4. Make it urgent

Once someone has finished reading your marketing material, you want them to take action immediately. Otherwise, they probably never will. 

So create a sense of urgency. 

For example: 

Many real estate agencies are already doing SEO. The longer you wait, the further down your agency is going to be listed in search results. Contact Hunter & Scribe right now to help you get started.


5. Make it inspiring

Your CTA needs to inspire your clients to take action. The best way to do that is to offer your clients something they want. For example:

Rise to the top of the search results by publishing a list of frequently asked questions on your website. Hunter & Scribe can provide you with both the questions and answers. Contact us right now


6. Make it stand out

Make your CTA stand out by placing it in bold, italics or at the end of an article or post.

For example:

Contact Hunter & Scribe for all your content writing needs.

It takes practise to write a perfect CTA, so don’t give up if your first CTA doesn’t produce any results. Just rewrite it in a different way.

Another option is to outsource your content writing, including CTAs, to professional writers. At Hunter & Scribe we specialise in the property and finance industries. 

So we regularly:

  • Write social media posts with CTAs for lenders, credit repair agencies, mortgage brokers, accountants and financial advisers
  • Write blogs with CTAs for accounting firms, lenders, mortgage brokers, buyer’s agencies and real estate agencies
  • Write newsletters for a variety of clients in the property and finance industries with CTAs

In fact, most of the content we write for our clients includes a CTA at the end.

If you want professionally written content with perfect CTAs, contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected], fill in this form, or phone Nick on 0404 638 781.

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