How to maximise traffic conversion

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How to maximise traffic conversion

Most businesses focus their online marketing efforts on driving traffic to their website. While that’s important, converting those visitors into clients is more important.

One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by having dedicated landing pages.


What’s a landing page? 

Landing pages are standalone web pages that are created specifically for digital marketing campaigns. 

It’s the page a visitor will land on after clicking on an email link or paid ad. Unlike your other website pages, landing pages have a singular focus – to make visitors take a specific action.


How to optimise a landing page

Once the visitor is on the page, you only have a few seconds to convince them to stay and read your content. Here are five ways to optimise your landing page to increase your chances of visitors lingering long enough for you to convert them into clients:

1. Ensure the design is credible and professional

Although website design contains an element of personal taste, you should still follow popular conventions for business websites.

Try to avoid:

  • Anything that could potentially distract the visitor from the reason they’re on the page, like too many images, text blocks or pop-ups
  • Scrolling marquees or similar design features – people read at different speeds, so you’re likely to have the wrong speed for half of them
  • Making users scroll down a long page of information or past many background images


2. Include informative headlines

Someone should be able to skim the headlines and know what services you offer. 

Let’s say you’re an accountant and your ultimate goal is to get a small business owner to sign up for multiple services. Your headings might be:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services
  • Financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Consulting services

These five headings should only have a short paragraph of information, so visitors can immediately see what services you offer just by skimming the headings. If they need just one service, it will be easy to find.

3. Write content that focuses on users and their needs

Although it’s natural to want to explain why your business is excellent, you should write your content so it focuses on the visitor.

For example, the reason small business owners turn to accountants is because they lack the skill and/or time to do the work themselves – which means telling them about your accounting practice won’t solve their problem. So instead of writing: 

Explain how you can solve their problem:

4. Use clear, concise and persuasive language

Your landing page needs to get your message across quickly – clear and concise English achieves that. If there’s too much text, the person may lose interest. If visitors struggle to understand your content, they might stop reading and leave. 

The landing page should also persuade visitors to take the next step. So it’s not enough to tell them you can solve their problem; you also need to convince them you’re the right person for the job.

For example, an accountant could emphasise that they’re flexible and that the clients can do as much or as little of their work as they have time for that month – their bookkeepers will do the rest.

One way you can ensure your writing is clear, concise and persuasive is to ask Hunter & Scribe to do it – it’s our speciality. 

5. Include a clear call-to-action

The landing page should clearly show visitors what to do next and how to contact you. For example, you can provide an email address, a phone number or a form to fill in.

If you use a form, only ask for information you really need to complete the deal. Asking for too much information upfront may be off-putting.

For example, an accountant could provide a form like this:

Final tip: make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly and loads promptly. If it takes more than three seconds to load, your visitors might abandon ship. 

Need help writing a persuasive landing page? Contact Hunter & Scribe.

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